I hate running, I make that no secret. I only do it out on necessity but I dread the hours I spend pounding out on pavement, I find it boring. I always feel good afterwards but nothing can change the fact that I do not enjoy the time I have to spend running. I always feel like I have accomplished something after a run and I like the feeling but it doesn’t make up for the monotony I loath during the run. Part of the problem with running is I have a hard time shutting off my brain and just running, I focus on how much my lungs hurt or my knee or worry about the cramp that is starting to form. I hop on my bike and none of that matters but running I can’t help but focus on it.

I don’t understand people, like my sister, that don’t run most of the year and just suddenly go out an breeze through a 10 km run like it’s nothing. If I take 3 weeks off I struggle with 3 km, attempting a 10 km would be insane!

One of the things that I find helps with the endless pavement pounding that I dislike so are sprint sets or intervals. Walk, jog, sprint repeat. repeat. repeat. Not quite as boring as slugging out 5 km in the summer heat.

Here is an example of a good interval work out by Back On Pointe:


Back on Pointe is one of my favorites to browse for fitness related topics below is a link to her blog – specifically the page the image above is from.



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