Fall, The Good and The Bad

The end of the summer is upon us. I for one am looking forward to the fall weather, my new house doesn’t have a/c so it has been an adjustment for me as I have had the luxury of a/c since I was a child. It is nice that now at night we can open the windows and get an nice cool breeze.

It is slightly odd to be thinking about school starting in a week and realizing that I no longer get to attend school. I miss it. I miss the excitement of going back to class, seeing friends and teachers you haven’t seen for a couple months and getting back into learning new subjects again.

I miss the friends I made during my college years. It’s only been two years since I graduated but the group of friends I was close to in college all seem to have quickly drifted away, all of us in our own directions. My life has completely changed in these two years and I wouldn’t change anything for the world but I still miss college, the years of not having to worry about work, bills, the house and the future. I think September will always make me think back to the school years where the biggest concern was how we would get a project done and still make it out to the pub that night.

How ever while thinking about school makes me sad, something else about fall makes me happy! Camping! I like camping anytime during the year but spring and fall take the cake. Fall means the summer crowds have passed and with the leaves starting to change the scenery is breath taking. The weather can be perfect, cool nights making campfires all the better, and warm but not boiling days make all the activities much more pleasant.

This year we so far have two trips planned, the big one is at the end of September, a yearly ritual for my boyfriend’s extended family up to Algonquian. This is the trip everyone looks forward to all year. Swapping stories about years past is standard fare for all family gatherings but this will be my first time (and Algonquian is my favorite park) and I am defiantly looking forward to it.

Fall has it’s good and it’s bad but it is my favorite season!


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