School Year

School is back, I could tell this weekend that the college students were back in town. It hasn’t been that long since I was in college but I never did understand the thrill of standing on a sloping roof drinking. I mean I’m not terribly graceful fully sober nor is my balance anything to boast about so the idea of being intoxicated while on a roof never appealed to me. Something about that just screams Darwin’s law to me. Really the amount of times I’ve watched someone trip while walking on perfectly flat ground without even the influence of alcohol doesn’t lend me to believe anyone should be prancing around on a roof with alcoholic beverage in hand.

Never less I did see three such groups while on the main streets of town on Saturday night. Thus the conclusion the students are back – the usual residents of retirees don’t spend much time hanging out on roof tops! I am not saying that I never did anything that wouldn’t have shown the smarts that I thought I had; I did my fair share of stupid college stunts but I’ve always aimed to go out in a way that wouldn’t have my passing going down in a story of Darwin’s Law for future generations.

Hopefully all Fleming students are off to a good safe start for the school year, I’m sure they are having fun!  


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