Algonquian Trip

So we spend this past four days up in Algonquian Park on Cedar Lake in the north end. It was dog’s first trip and she took to it like a fish in water. She loved every minute! Unfortunately us human counterparts didn’t enjoy the weather as much as she.

Day 1

6 Hours in a car starting at 2 am, we reached the park at 9 am prepared for a long day of paddling and exploring. Disappointing though the wind were too high and made crossing Cedar Lake an impossibility in the canoes. Cedar Lake is large and is not canoe friendly in the best of weather and on Friday white caps were prevalent on the water so we camped out by the car hoping for better weather for day two.

Rain was being called for so as a precaution tents were tarped in the highest point of the site. After a good campfire everyone headed to bed. Around midnight we awoke to pounding rain that lasted well over and hour and flooded out the camp site. The tents at the highest point on the site stood in 4 inches of water and the lowest points had knee deep puddles. We had to sit out the rain in the cars hoping that the tents and sleeping bags wouldn’t be to wet to deal with the cold of the coming nights.

Day 2

High winds and rain were the par for the day. Majority of the time was spent trying to get a fire going or struggling to keep the tarps over the tents. The grommets where the tarps were tied through kept ripping out because of the buffeting winds. No canoeing that day either, though some of the braver members of the party went out fishing (unfortunately unsuccessful at catching anything worth eating).

Thankfully  rain mostly subsided by the time dark came around but the weather was still damp and misty pairing with the cold it was a recipe for the chills.

Day 3

The weather was inclined to be more agreeable at this point with sunny breaks through the the rainy parts. By the afternoon we had a long enough calm period to scoot the canoes across the lake into the calmer waters of the Nippising River for a day trip. It was a good day and we were able to get out to do what we had hoped for the trip, made it up some of the Nippising to see the beautiful views, autumn colours and the rapids, as well as to do some fishing (still unsuccessfully).

That night was the coldest we had seen yet with one member of our group sleeping next to the fire with his sleeping bag in hopes of drying it out of the water accumulated over the past damp days.

Day 4

Time to go home. We woke up early to eat a good breakfast and start to break down camp. By 11am we were on the move out of the park. Of course it was also beautiful and sunny out even if it was a bit cold. 11 hours later after dropping off some of our group we arrived back at our house with dog, exhausted and cold looking forward to a nice warm shower.

This trip had the worst weather I have had yet in the years I’ve been camping. It was unfortunate that we didn’t get into the interior to camp as planned but the landscape was still spectacular, the trip as wet and cold as it was still worth it. I have never regretted an outing to Algonquian and this trip while testing that was still awesome.


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