Clever Retail Event

Stylish Surprise Apparel

There is a company called Modcloth, maybe you’ve heard of them, they offer retro/vintage inspired clothing. I recently bought something from them in an event of like which I’ve never seen before. “Stylish Surprise” event entails their customers purchasing a clothing ‘surprise’ for $15 or a shoe ‘surprise’ for $5. Items you get in your surprise package includes something valued from $30 up to a bit under $300. I bought a clothing surprise so I’m interested to see what I get. The clothing can include any of their tops, bottoms, dresses and even outerwear! It’s exciting way to shop but I’m hopeful I get something I like.

Shopping online always brings a bit on anticipation because you have to wait, no instant gratification like you receive when you go into a store to make a purchase. This event adds onto the anticipation and includes some mystery, who knows what I could get! I like the uniqueness of this event, it’s a clever end of season event (I’m not sure if they clear out summer stuff using it or not but cool none the less)

Would you buy at an event like this?


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