Born in Toronto 20 something years ago currently residing in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes with boyfriend and Dog. Was educated at Durham College and is an ex-dog groomer turned receptionist. Avid interest in learning new things, DIY projects are abound, new home owner, fitness enthusiast, experimental cook/baker and VERY beginner gardener.

Spends too much time reading and according to the Boyfriend not enough time enjoying movies. Recent accomplishments include a new job, a home purchase, completing a triathlon and (hopefully) completing an interlock path. Some pretty good zucchini bread was also recently made.

Goals for the coming year: Improve overall triathlon time


Mawson’s Black River Jenny born spring 2010 in London On, currently residing in Kawartha Lakes. Is an English Setter. Recent accomplishments include a rough grasp on walking up the stairs and a general idea on what “Sit” means. Has a goal to be a therapy dog. Likes people, the dog park and very expensive summer sausage. Does not like peanut butter, cheese or the closet door.


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