Sad Dog in a Diaper

Sad Dog in a Diaper

Dog is none too happy right now. She is stuck in a diaper for the time being until she is done her heat. I’ve never had to deal with an unspayed dog before and I never hope to again. Sad dog’s spay is going to be scheduled asap when the vet clears her for it. She still prob needs to gain a few more pounds though.



So Dog had an appointment today with the vet to get her yearly vaccinations and this was the first time we had been to this vet (because of our recent move). My family’s usual vet is located in Whitby and we had been using him for years. While I would have liked to continue with the same vet I’ve always used an hour drive is not reasonable for most vet needs. So we are trying out a new vet.

Dog went in today to get a check up and shots – she didn’t end up getting her shots ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Vet said she had a minor ear infection and didn’t want to give her shots today… Anyone ever had a problem like this before? Of all the years I’ve had dogs my vet had never had a problem giving our dog’s their boosters if they had an ear infection or something else minor going on. The vet did say her ear infection isn’t bad so I don’t understand the problems… anyway we now have to postpone a camping trip which I am not too thrilled about because Dog’s vaccines haven’t been given and she can’t go until they have been done which the vet won’t do for another 2 weeks and after a round of medication has been completed (and of course we have to pay to have another check up plus the vaccines then)

I understand that vaccines can be hard on a dog’s immune system and they shouldn’t be sick etc prior to receiving vaccines but is this much caution necessary? More so since these aren’t new vaccines to her system just a regular annual booster and she has no past history of bad reactions to vaccinations.

I’m just confused… is this a standard practice? Was my old vet unusual or is the new vet taking the overly cautious route? Anyone have any thoughts?

Troubles With Dog


The biggest trouble we have had so far with Dog is that she is an incredibly picky eater.

If it’s cooked meat she will gobble it down buuut raw nope, kibble nope, cheese nope, peanut butter is also a no, as is vegetables of any kind, all fruits and most dried meat . I say most dried meat because she is very enthusiastic about expensive beef jerky treats and the costly summer sausage we use for lunch meat but that’s it.

We have taken the route of offering her meals three times a day (because she’s skinny) – if she doesn’t eat something at breakfast she only gets that offered at meal time until she eats it. Her normal meal is Natural Choice Venison Meal and Potato kibble mixed with water and a 1/3 can of wet canned dog food. Unfortunately this method is hit and miss, some days she eats three meals and some days she only has one. Slowly she is becoming a better eater since we refuse to offer anything better to eat but she’s skinny so we hate seeing her missing any meals. ย She is also slowly getting rid of her habit of picking out the chunks of food she likes and leaving the kibble behind.

Since she’s so picky when we found something that made her gobble down kibble at every meal we were excited. Tripe, specifically green beef tripe – if your a dog person you may have hear of this noxious smelling stuff – is the stomach of a cow. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Dogs LOVE it, even my dog!

Sad part is unfortunately with all the benefits of feeding tripe (it’s loaded with good nutrients and probiotics) Dog’s bowels do not agree with it… so even the little bit she has had to get her to wolf down her meals has cause some not so fun problems ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I still recommend anyone trying to get a picky pooch to eat to give tripe a go (beware of the smell) but the hunt continues for us to find the elusive item that will entice her to mow down on the kibble.

Update: We have now found a brand of kibble she love – a good brand too! Currently she is eating the Back to Basics Duck Formula ๐Ÿ™‚

The Dog Slept!

Last night was the first night Dog has slept straight through since coming to live with us 2 weeks ago. I now have a slight understanding of the relief parents feel when their babies finally start sleeping soundly. I’m hopeful (probably prematurely) that this means no more midnight wake up calls to take her outside so she can wander around aimlessly.

Dog use to live in a kennel situation, as such, she is use to doing what ever she wants whenever she wants. Meaning she wakes us up to play at odd hours, sleeps when we want to play with her and adamantly refuses to go the washroom when we would like. Slowly she is getting use to abiding by a stricter sense of time which she’s not sure she likes, however on the flip side she also gets to enjoy things like the couch, dog park and stealing expensive meat off the counter!