Story of The Cucumber Plant

My sisters and I plant a vegetable garden at my father’s house every spring. Usually the task falls to my twin sister to maintain the garden but in a twist of events all us children moved out this year after we had already planted the garden. My dad is not much of a gardener so he’s only been watering the plants.

When I stopped by his house on Sunday the backyard was wild. The cucumber plant appeared to be heading the invasion in a bid to seemingly take over the backyard. The onion patch in its entirety was lost as a casualty in addition to a substantial portion of grass. In total I collected 12 cucumbers off the plant that were full size, previously I was told they had gather 6 others yesterday… quite the haul of cucumbers. After pruning back the rest of the plants and weeding I looked to tackle the cucumber plant.

After some overzealous pruning it turns out I accidently uprooted the plant…opps so there will be no more cucumbers. In consolation however we have over 15 to figure out what to do with. Does anyone have good recipes for cucumbers?

The good news from the garden is the berry bushes, which we planted 7 years ago that had YET to produce berries, are producing this year. Of course all us berry eaters moved out this year too!