Interlock Problems


#1 thing I have learned about interlock from this project is it is way more complicated than I originally thought.

I wish we had planned more before starting this project, alas we didn’t so now we are partway through and trying to figure out how to go about cutting all those pesky bricks for the curve that we had conveniently forgotten about until now.

The boyfriend wanted this project done in time for our house warming party on Sunday but I’m not thinking that is going to happen at this rate.

We seem to have a penchant for getting super excited about starting a new project and totally eclipsing the detailed planning stages… we have a rough idea of where we would like to go and then we start. Unfortunately this route likes to lead us into trouble, this time it happening in the form of having to rip up a good large section because it was sloping slightly in the wrong directing… tip for the future: double check everything!

Hind sight is always 20/20 so the need for planning seem obvious right now but hopefully this thought comes to mind prior to starting the next project not midway through.